About iWiz Inc

iWiz inc was established in 2007 with a foresight to make people's lives easier by specializing in services that simplifies lives.

iWiz is dedicated to providing software products that are advantageous to businesses and entrepreneurs. The company has an extensive client list having been responsible for developing online software services.

I (Gautam Sharma) am a Mechanical Engineer by education and describe myself as a passionate dreamer. Like most youngsters, I started my career with a BPO and was not entirely satisfied working there. I felt a strong desire to start my own venture and found my calling in the online software industry. My aspirations led me to create iWiz.

Closely following the mobile medium and its tumultuous growth, I began toying with innovative ideas to capitalize on the mobile VAS and started working on my dream project about 7 years ago. Piecing together a project in a fairly new domain has been an arduous, albeit interesting journey.

With many exciting projects in the pipeline, I hope to create a company which excels in software services and offers a one-stop-shop to its unique clientele.

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